Cutting Costs by Considering Lone Worker Safety

When you’re running a business, it makes perfect sense to maximize your profits by minimizing your operating expenses. You can hire a few people, but only if it’s because you have more customers and tasks than you can handle on your own. Assuming that you now have workers and you have perhaps an employee who is often required to work alone, it’s best if you invest in lone worker safety.

You may think that such an investment is an unnecessary expense, and unfortunately some business owners share that sentiment. But the truth of the matter is that it works like insurance. The expense of obtaining solutions to increase the safety of your employee when they work alone is minimal, compared to what it will eventually cost you if you don’t.

Consider the financial damage that the following scenarios can bring when you don’t care about the safety of your workers:

Morale Suffers

Even if nothing unfortunate happens to your employee, they will feel some resentment over the fact that you had them working alone without additional safeguards. What if they got injured on the job? Then they would have been alone without any way to call for help. What if they deal with the public and one of the customers became belligerent? They could have been assaulted and seriously hurt.

Such worries can really reduce the productivity of your employees. Some may call in sick just to avoid the risk. Others may not work as hard, preferring to stay put in a safe place rather than making the rounds alone as their work requires. Even if they actually do their jobs as required, they won’t really feel motivated to do their best for you and your business. Why should they, since you don’t want to do your best for them?

The Image of Your Business May Be Tarnished

What happens when one of your employees is attacked as they were working alone in your place of business? That can come to the attention of the media, and the news about the attack can spread widely online. Soon you’ll have people commenting about how you didn’t actually provide your workers with adequate protection, and that can ruin your brand reputation.

If it comes to light that you don’t care about your employees, it’s a safe bet that some of your customers and clients may not want to do business with your company again. After all, your customers may suspect that you don’t actually care about them as well. Other businesses may also sever their business dealings with you, because they don’t want to seem like they approve of your heartless measures to reduce operating expenses.

Even if nothing happens, your employees can always complain about their worries online through social media. Such things can go viral, and in your case this is the sort of publicity that no business really wants. It’s just bad PR, and it can really have a huge long term impact for your brand.

You Can Get Sued

This is of course the ultimate black mark. Your employee can sue your business for not adequately providing for their safety. The damages can be huge, and you may be forced to settle by paying a huge amount. Again, the costs of proper safety measures for your lone workers would have been paltry compared to the size of the settlement or damages you’d be forced to pay.

So take the high road and take care of your lone workers. It’s not just moral and ethical. In the end, it’s also good business!