Tips for Designing Product Labels that Stand Out

Product labels are important as they are the first thing seen by people who might buy a product. Designing product labels is not easy. There are several things you have to take into consideration before you decide to have them printed.

1. Think of the container and the product

Measure the container before starting the design. The placement of the label on the product matters a lot. The information and image(s) should be clear and visible. You should also think if the container is textured, rounded or tapered. The design of the label will be adjusted based on the container. The final result must be easy to see (and read).

If the container is opaque and the product is aesthetically pleasing to see, the label should not cover all the container. However, if the container is opaque and the product is not visually appealing, find a way to use the label to cover the entire container. If not, choose a different container that hides the product.

2. Design more distinctive labels

Take a look at other competitors and see what kind of labels they have. You don’t want to have one that is similar or slightly resembles what they use. This will confuse people. It will also seem like yours is just a cheap, copycat version, even if you have a better-quality product. Just make sure the final label reflects your product brand and it is compelling for the target audience.

3. Determine the lifespan of the packaging and the container

When designing the package, you should consider the environmental impact. Use bottles or other containers that can be recycled. Use labels that can be easily removed from the containers if they are to be recycled. The labels should also not be too big if you want to create less waste. A more disposable package is also advisable. People are more supportive of companies that have a more positive environmental impact.

In short, designing a product label takes time. You should be careful with what you include on the label, to make it more appealing. You want to attract attention using the right font, colour and size.

Even though you are focusing on the label, make sure that the product itself is not sacrificed. People love it if they can see a nice product label and the actual product is also great. This helps retain their loyalty, which also helps build your brand.

Changing the labels should also be considered, later on, if you want to improve the labels or the current label has already been used for a long time. You will then go through the same process; determining which product label would work best. Check out for ideas on product label design and how to do it right.